When the moon hits your eye like a Pizza Hut Engagement Package, that’s amore!

Love is in the air…or maybe that’s just pizza I’m smelling.

News recently broke that Pizza Hut has released an intriguing new temporary revenue stream: the Pizza Hut Engagement Package, which includes the company’s $10 dinner box (a medium one-topping regular pan pizza, five breadsticks with marinara sauce, and 10 cinnamon sticks with a sweet icing cup).

[Fox News/Pizza Hut]

Photo: Fox News/Pizza Hut

That the pizza conglomerate is offering a Valentine’s Day special is no surprise. After all, what’s more traditional than sharing a romantic dinner with your valentine? But what is unusual is the engagement package’s $10,010 price tag, which includes costs for a ruby ring, limo service, flowers, a fireworks show, a photographer, and a videographer. Although some may raise eyebrows over Pizza Hut’s foray into romance, a company spokesperson reports that Pizza Hut has already received over 800 serious inquiries.

I think Pizza Hut’s over-the-top new pet project was a brilliantly thought-out guerilla marketing tactic. But the marriage of food and engagements (sorry) seems to be, well, a match made in heaven—and an opportunity that has been seized by marketers for years.

The Algonquin Hotel in NYC , for example, mixes up a $10,000 Proposal Martini with a diamond ring dropped in the glass to surprise a prospective paramour. Not to be outdone, the Fairmont in Pittsburgh ups the ante and offers not only the “Martini on a Rock”, but also a one-night bedroom suite reservation, champagne, chocolates, and a romantic dinner for two.

The Monica Martini from Minus5 Bar proffers a diamond ring in a vodka martini poured into a glass made of ice from “pure artesian water from New Zealand.” /Photo: Trendhunter.com

Prefer something sweeter? Gourmet Cupcakes has a $55,000 cupcake  topped with an 8-carat diamond ring, as well as free cupcake catering for the wedding.

The wedding industry is booming (purported to be worth $54.8B by 2015) so it’s no wonder that consumers are feeling the pressure to go all-out with splashier proposals than ever before. What these proposal packages show is that there is an alternative to the traditional vertical and horizontal integration models of the market: hopscotch-ing to alternative revenue streams that might not at first glance seem related, but actually seem to go together like . . . the old ball ‘n chain.

Plus, with Valentine’s Day spending expected to rise 8.5% this year, who can blame Pizza Hut for wanting to grab a piece of that pie?

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